Severe Service Ball Valve


Severe Service Ball Valve




1/2" ~ 42"


ASME 150 ~ 4500 Class


Up to 1652 ℉

Typical Applications

Petrochemical / Chemical
  • Acetic acid handling
  • Catalyst handling
  • DOWTHERMTM handling
  • Gas furnace isolation
  • Lethal services
  • Polyethylene isolation
  • Polypropylene isolation
  • Catalyst slurry handling
  • Coal slurry handling / ash removal
  • Heavy oil units
  • Hydrogen isolation
  • Hydrotreating units
  • Isolation in coker units
  • Isolation in FCCU applications
  • Autoclaves
  • Slurry transport

Features and Benefits

1. Body/End Connectin
  • Machined from forgings for material structural integrity.
  •  End Connectons: RFF- raised face flage – Standard.
  • Optons available on request: BW-But Weld, SW-Socket Weld, RTJ, Hub Connectors, Threaded, Lens Joint, Wafer, etc.
  •  Weld overlay of weted surfaces to protect from corrosion and erosion – available upon request.
2 & 3. Ball + Seats = the sealing assembly
  • Two-sided seat lapping delivers outstanding seal performance
  • Each ball and seat set are “blued” to verify continual contact is achieved across entire seat face
  • Oversized spheres allow slight over travel, which reduces wear and can accommodate misaligned actuator stops
  • Seating surfaces are protected from erosion in  the fully-opened position
4. Dual Belleville Springs
  • Provides resilient loading of ball to seat.
  • Provides efectve partculate exclusion.
5. Stem
  • SSV provides oversized stems to accommodate  torque increases that can happen over time. Economical, under-designed stems can cause signiἀcant operational problems with frequent use and catalyst build-up.
6. Pressure-energized inner stem seal
  • Two hard coated and lapped metal thrust bearings serve as both a pressure-energized inner stem seal and stem guide
  • Bearings prevent migration of media into the packing box
  • Lapped surfaces provide tight seal in combination with line pressure exerting additional vertical force
  • Dual coated inner stem seals prevent galling between body, stem and the inner stem seals
7. Packing Bushing
  • Prevents stem packing intrusion into body.
  • Works with stem bearing to prevent lateral stem moton
8. Packing Rings
  •  Reinforced graphite.
9. Anti-xtrusion Rings
  • Prevents packing extrusion.
10. Packing Follower
  • Thermally matched to stem material.
  • Prevents galling and contains upper packing.
11. Articulting Gland Flane
  • Spherically engages the packing follower to prevent stem binding and galling during adjustments.
12. Belleville Springs
  • Live load on the bolted joint eliminates routne gland adjustments.
  • Reduces maintenance.
13.Stem support bushing
  • Secondary stem bearing guide eliminates movement and packing deformation caused  by side-loading of stem by  the actuator
  • The stem support bushing, in combination with the double inner stem seals, provides a dual guiding system which prevents lateral movement of the valve stem
14. Mounting Flane
  • To properly support actuator weight,SSV heavy duty mounting brackets are ἀrst welded or bolted into place then machined for precise alignment
  • Alignment surface is both square with and centered  over the stem, promoting proper stem and stem  bushing alignment
15. Body Gasket
  • ASME 150 – 1500 class valves use an Inconel spiral-wound gasket with impregnated Grafoil®
  • ASME 2500 class valves and above use a pressure energized Inconel metal gold-plated delta ring gasket